Fifteen biggest companies, which manufacture and sell aphrodisiacs in the whole world, joined together to one big international action against the Swiss manufacturer of nutrition supplement Spanish Fly Love.

This new product was created only few years ago, but practically overnight became the most popular aphrodisiac and libido enhancer in the world – mainly due to its effectiveness and strength. A group of a lawyers about the competing products joined their forces together to prevent the sales of Spanish Fly Love through the courts, because they cannot compete to this product in any other way.

The difference is in the technology and composition

The main difference between Spanish Fly Love and other products which are available on the market – as for example Germany Sex Drops, Spanish Fly Pro and other, is in the composition and technology used during production. The classics products, which are on the market for more than 10 years contain only one aphrodisiac inserted into tablet, gel or drops, but Spanish Fly Love works differently.

Find Mixture of 7 Different and the most Powerful Aphrodisiac

In Spanish Fly Love you can find mixture of 7 different and the most powerful aphrodisiac in simple liquid which can works immediately. It’s not necessary to use Spanish Fly Love every day and for long term, Spanish Fly Love works within 10 minutes, on demand. Another of its advantages, compared to competitors, are long term positive effect during regular use, this is also one of the aspects, to whom competitors cannot compete.

The court seems hopeless

This group of the biggest manufacturers has already lost the first court hearing, it was the international court in Hamburg, which called this action as devoid of purpose and urged the competition to improve their technological process and their products themselves.

Development of Spanish Fly Love Took More than 8 Years

The lawyer of the Swiss company Spanish Fly Love commented the victory at the court with these words “This victory was matter of course and we will win also their appeal, because these manufacturers cannot accept, that their position on the market, which was stable for more than 15 years, is suddenly weakened by market entry of the new player, who is simply better than they. We can compare Spanish Fly Love to a car at a time of horses.

The competitors are not happy, that their horses cannot compete to our car. Our recipe is secret and our mixture of different ingredients is patented, so the competition has to come up with their own process of manufacturing a product, which is really difficult. The development of Spanish Fly Love took more than 8 years and its effects are proven by clinical studies.

Spanish Fly Love is more Powerful and better Sucessor than any other Product

That’s one of the reasons why the competitors know, that Spanish Fly Love is more powerful and better successor than their product. They faced a serious problem – to start working on a new product, which will be competitive, or close the business, or try to sue us. But as you can see now, today we are here and we are ready to win the other court case”.

We will of course keep you updated about the further progress in this highly monitored court case.