Does Spanish Fly Really Work?

Have you ever heard of Spanish Fly? Well, it is an aphrodisiac which was quite popular in the past. But is it still good today? Well, read this article and find out!

The original Spanish Fly was made of insects and contained cantharidin which is a poison. But still, it was considered one of the best aphrodisiacs even though it never actually worked. It only caused irritation which was mistaken for arousal. But the truth is, it did more harm than good. And, it can cause death.


Luckily, people are no longer using traditional Spanish Fly. But there are some products made of herbs which use the same name. But, their composure has nothing to do with the original Spanish Fly and that is why it is totally safe to use them!

One of such products is Spanish Fly LOVE, drops for women made of herbs which work instantly, boost libido and help with vaginal dryness. These drops are suitable for every woman of every age and they can be used daily! But the best thing is, that this product actually is working!

So, to answer the question whether Spanish Fly is working, well, it is but it only depends on your choice of the product. The original Spanish Fly is definitely not going to help you with your issue. But new, safe products which are not made of insects but use different ingredients can definitely give your libido a boost!

So, be wise when making your choice and do not believe everything other people are telling you. Especially not when it comes to Spanish Fly or any libido enhancer.