5 Signs She May Have a Case of Vaginismus

Is your girlfriend refusing sex? Well, the answer may be vaginismus.

In case you do not know, vaginismus is a condition that can really mess up your sex life. It causes vaginal muscles to tighten involuntarily and therefore may result in painful intercourse. And that is definitely not good for your sex life.

The tricky thing about vaginismus is that once it begins, a woman may find it difficult to get rid of it. It is the expectation of the pain which causes her to not want sex and actually be afraid of experiencing the pain again.

But, how do you know whether she has vaginismus or not. Well, in case you see that something is different, then you should check out for these signs:

  1. She refuses sex. Not all the time, but she seems to have lost her appetite.
  2. She does not enjoy it as she used to. Even when you finally get to do it, she seems tense.
  3. She told you that she experiences pain during intercourse.
  4. She is avoiding penetrative sex and prefers other alternatives.
  5. She experienced a trauma in her previous relationship.


Well, these are just few of the signs that you should look out for. But honestly, the best thing you can do instead of watching your girlfriend and her behaviour carefully is to talk to her openly. Show her that you are her support and that you will stand by her side and help her deal with the issue.

Vaginismus is not permanent and it can definitely be taken care of. So do not panic and start acting. Stuff like this will test your relationship. And maybe, it will make it stronger.