What’s Causing Her Low Sex Drive? We May Have the Answers!

You are a great couple. Well, at least everybody thinks that.

And it is true. I mean, you are not arguing, you do not really have many problems and you have fun together. Everything seems perfect from the outside. But on the inside. Well, not everything is as awesome as it may seem.

But that does not mean that your relationship is not worth fighting for. It is quite the opposite! You have to fight for your relationship!


And the same thing applies to an unsuccessful sexual relationship! You cannot expect your sex life to be awesome just like that! You need to make it awesome. And low female libido should definitely not stand in your way!

You see, it is not that your woman does not want to have sex. It is just that her sexuality is different from the sexuality of a man. You see, many factors are affecting female libido, and it is time that you finally find out!

Here are some reasons of low female libido:

  1. Stress – stress is doing terrible things even to the best. And it can affect female libido! If a woman is constantly under pressure, then she cannot really relax and enjoy sexual intercourse.
  2. Birth-control pills – yes, if a woman is on the pill, then it can affect her sex life.
  3. Bad diet – yes, you are what you eat. And your libido is also what you eat. So perhaps you would like to consider eating more healthy!
  4. Lack of exercise – try exercising together! It will help your sex life as well!
  5. Stereotype – usually, the routine is the reason of low libido in a woman. Well, in order to change this, you will need to change your routine!
  6. Past experience – if her sexual experience has been really bad in the past, then you cannot expect her to feel aroused. You need to help her overcome her fear and lack of apetite.

Well, female libido is complicated. And many things can be responsible for the lack of it. But these things can always be removed!