Understanding Low Libido in Women

Prepare yourself for some serious lesson!

It is finally time all men get educated. And we are not talking about physics, chemistry or whatever. We are talking about sex. But not just the act. But about female sexuality. Because, obviously, men are lacking. They know nothing. And even if they do, they do not really seem to care.

And that needs to change, does it not? Well, let me now explain to you something about female sexuality.

Obviously, it works differently. It is not as simple as male sexuality. And that is why it can sometimes cause problems in a relationship.

You see, when it comes to female sexuality, it is all in their head. Women think. And they think too much. The sex is all in their heads and if they are thinking about other things, well, then they are not able to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Well, you would probably think that they should simply relax, but that is not how it works with them. At first, they need to deal with the things that are causing their stress. Only then will they be able to be relaxed.

This is also the reason why women often deal with low libido. However, it does not mean that you should ignore this problem. Now that you know why it takes women longer time to get aroused, you can do something in order to hlep them, right?


You know, if she has a lot of things to do, then try to make it easier for her. Cook a dinner. Clean up the apartment or at least wash the dishes. Give her some free time. Run the bath. Put on some candles, romantic music, buy her flowers. Just be romantic for a while. Help her relax instead of making her even more nervous. You will be rewarded, that is guaranteed.

Just do not let yourself get discouraged! You should fight for your relationship together! Talk to your partner and try to understand her problem. That is probably the best thing you can do.