Make Painful Sex a Thing of the Past

Forgetting about pain is probably not the best solution of dealing with it, is it? Well, do not worry, that is not something we want from you. Actually, that would be a crazy thing! You know, you cannot simply ignore pain. Pain always signifies something is not alright. And the best thing to do when you are experiencing pain is to deal with it. And not ignore it. Especially if the pain is constant or if it keeps repreating. Well, no matter where you feel the pain, you should not underestimate it. Never!

But do not worry, we do not want you to be scared and start panicking. No! We want you to be able to get rid of the pain. Especially the pain you are experiencing during sexual intercourse. Because we know that this pain can really mess thigns up.


And now it is probably the time to make it a thing of the past, donĀ“t you think? Well, together, we will!

So, the problem is that you are feeling pain during sex. And the first thing you do is that you start avoiding sex completely. But is it really the thing you should do? Well, of course you cannot force yourself into having sex if you do not feel like having it, but do you really think that this is the permanent solution? Probably not if you are not planning to stop having sex forever.

Of course, the best thing you can do is talk to your partner at first. You do not want to be alone dealing with such issue, do you? Well, you might need some support and that is why you should explain to your partner what is going on. Also, he probably deserves to know what is happening. I mean, he is a part of it, right? So, do make sure that you have a proper discussion. And please, do not be stressed. You need to learn to talk about this issue. It is absolutely normal and your partner will definitely understand.

Once you do this, you will probably need to visit your doctor so that he can determine what is responsible for the pain. It can be something serious, however, usually, it is just vaginismus or a mild infection. So do not panic. Not going to doctor is really not going to make things better, but otherwise.

Anyway, if you do visit your doctor and find out the cause of your problem then you should probably do anything you can in order to get rid of it. Every cause requires different treatment, so it is difficult to say what is ahead of you. But do not worry! You will definitely manage to get rid of pain!