There is No Substitute For Sex

A healthy relationship is a relationship that works in all aspects.

There are no exceptions. Really. If a relationship is supposed to work then it has to be just awesome. But by awesome we do not mean what you see on TV. We know that the things that are on TV are never real, right? No matter how real they pretend to be.

A real relationship is a relationship based on equality, love, friendship and all the otehr great things that you can think about. And of course, attraction. Because a relationship without intimacy, is just friendship.

Well, it has perhaps happened to you already that you were in a relationship, however, something was not quite right. The sparkle was gone. And you thought that that was normal, however, you knew, deep down, that it was not. Something was actually wrong. And the something was sex.

Your relationship lacked passion. Now, of course your sexual life will not be the same as it is during the first few months when you cannot get enough of each other. However, it should be good. Satisfying for both of you. In other words, you should be satisfied.


Okay, now, do not start freaking out. We are not saying that something is out or the ordinary. We are just saying that in a relationship, a good relationship, sex is important. But as long as both of you (you and your partner) are satisfied with your sexual life, there is no problem.

On the other hand, if for some reason you are not having sex at all, well, that could be a problem. We are sexual beings. And we need sex in our lives, and honestly, there is nothing that can replace it. So please, do not pretend that your sexless marriage or relationship is okay. It probably is not. It is normal to feel attracted to the person you are with. And not feeling attracted to them might actually mean something.

We know that you can get used to such relationship, however, sooner or later, it will all show.

So hereĀ“s the thing: start working on it while you still have time. And it will be all great. And if not, then you should perhaps start looking for someone else. Someone who will be able to give you the things that you want and that you need!