Not in a Mood Again? What Causes Low Women Libido?

Low libido needs to be dealt with. And you should be able to deal with it!

Well, let’s be honest. Women are not that into sex as men. They simply are more into other relationship things. They want a happy relationship, they want a man that will be kind to them, tell them that they are beautiful every day and bring them flowers, and… Well, they want a lot of things.

body-ideals-of-photoshop-artists-around-the-world-2-10385-1440796618-6_big But when it comes to sex, somehow men and women cannot compromise. However, is it really true that women do not want sex? That they simply stop having it when they are in a relationship? Should it really be that way? Well, probably not.

The truth is, if a woman does not want to have sex, it might be a problem. Well, of course it is a problem and as every problem, this has a reason.

On the other hand, it also has a solution! So, do not give up, and start doing something about this little issue that is keeping you from having the best relationship of all.

There are tons of things that can cause low libido in women. Perhaps it is just the stereotype and a new exciting thing could actually spark up your relationship. Well, you should probably talk about it. Share your fantasies! Let her tell you what she wants and tell her what you want too. It will make things a lot easier. Just do not be ashamed. And if you are, open a bottle of wine. It will be a lot easier.

Of course, her libido can be a more complex issue. But you will not find out if you do not ask her. Maybe it is a past trauma, or maybe it is the work that does not let her relax. You know, women are not like men. They need to be in mood for sex. And if they are preoccupied with other issues, they can hardly enjoy it. And that is why you need to be patient and supportive. Take her on a romantic dinner. Help her with house chores. She will appreciate it and will definitely feel a lot less under stress. Just go for it. Really, anything is better than nothing. Bet that she will appreciate it. Just do not let things the way they are. it will end badly and you do not want that, right? Make sure that you do anything you can. And make sure that she also does anything she can. Good luck!