How to Reduce Pain While Having Sex?

First, you need to know the cause. And then, there is nothing that can keep you from enjoying sex with your partner!

So, it happened once. It kind of hurt during sex, but you did not really pay that much attention to that. But then it happened again. And after that, it kept happening every time. And now, you keep avoiding sex because you are scared that it might be painful.

Well, do not worry, we might be able to help.


First of all, do not panic. It is not such a big deal and the problem may be taken care of easily. But you will need to find out what is causing the pain, right? Well, get to work! Here are some reasons that will perhaps help you find out:

  1. You are just not ready. Meaning: you need more time to get aroused. Well, this problem may be solved pretty easily: longer foreplay. Or, if that does not do much, then you can try some aphrodisiacs. They will really help boost your libido!
  2. Dryness. Lube can help you. It is the easiest solution and it is also very effective.
  3. Stress. Stress can cause vaginismus. Or, involuntary vaginal muscle spasm. That is why you should as first de-stress yourself. Turn on some music, light the candles, have a romantic dinner. Do anything that makes you feel good.
  4. Genital fit. In this case, perhaps lube can help you and if not, then try changing the position.
  5. Infections. Well, in this case, you will probably need to visit your gynecologist. And of course, try to avoid sexual intercourse for a few days.
  6. Endometriosis. This condition will probably require surgery.
  7. The changes during menopause. Your gynecologist will be able to help you even with this issue.
  8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Yes, this condition can cause painful intercourse. Talk to your physician and ask about the options.

Well, we hope that you find this article helpful, and that you will be able to deal with your problem. Just do not be scared, and ask for help! The worst thing that can happen is that someone will actually help you!