Why Your Email Is Causing You Stress

Email is great, right? Can you imagine having to wait three days until postman delivers you an important message? Email makes everything easier! And it is even better that you can access itĀ from anywhere now. Is it not? Well, it is true that email makes everything more comfortable and easier, however, it also makes it more difficult for you to separate your work from your free time.

However, we are in charge. And we can do something about it. Because being available all the time is not going to help us feel less stressed or have more free time. The truth is, we cannot work all the time. We need to have some free time. The time that we can spend on our own or with our family.

So, the best thing you can do is not access your email inbox or read your emails at home. The moment you leave your job, turn your phone off, forget about your work for as long as you can. Do not be available. The world is not going to crush down. Remember that your job is not as important as your family and you own mentalĀ health.

So, relax and forget about your work. At least during the weekend. And soon you will feel much better.