The Worst Yogurt

Yogurt is healthy. This is probably something that has been planted in your head ever since. However, not every yogurt is the same. There are yogurts that are absolutely great and deliciou, however, that sweet thing you love to buy is probably not the kind of yogurt that we mean.

If you want to eat yogurt, you should know which yogurt you can pick and which yogurt you should avoid eating. And if you do not know that, then let me help you find out!

Just avoid flavoured yogurts. You will find at least one hundred of various kinds of yogurts in your grocery store. Majority of them will only be pretending to be yogurt when in fact, they will be just a junk food with a bit of milk. And that is probably not something you want to buy, right?

Instead, go for a plain yogurt that contains milk and cultures. Or, go for Greek yogurt. It is creamy and delicious. And if you do not really like the taste of plain yogurt, just take it home with you and add some fruit to it. Fresh fruit, of course.