Surviving The Breakup

We figured that since going through a breakup is not an easy thing, you might need some piece of advice. The best advice that will help you survive the breakup! Well, here it comes! Enjoy!

  1. At first, you have to realize that it will prbably take some time and that it will be a difficult process. Yeah, process, that is the right word. A process. You cannot feel better instantly, you will go through certain phases.
  2. You will feel anger, but that is fine, it is good, actually. Just do not be all dark and everything. Remember, it is a phase.
  3. You can listne to the advice of your friends, however, you should do what you think is best for you. It is your journey, so it should ne your decisions that will determine what path you take.
  4. Try t oforget about the past. Do not think about your relationship over and over again.
  5. Do not think about past and the way it could have been changed. It cannot be changed now, so that is probably it, donĀ“t you think?
  6. Think about what you have learnt in your past relationship. That is what you get out of it and you should realize that.
  7. Do not spend all the time sitting in your house doing nothing. Go out, start moving, go to the gym, for example.
  8. Do not jump into another relationship. It is never going to work.
  9. Love yourself. Do things for yourself. Now it is the right time to do thing that make YOU happy. Enjoy that!
  10. Let the person go. That is the best thing you can do.