How Different Is Dating After College?

If you are dating after college then you probably know that there are some differences between dating during college and dating after college. Well, those of you who do not know what to expect yet, we hope that this will help!

  1. Dating is awkward. Well, the first dates especially. You just never know how the things are going to turn out. Or who will pay for the dinner, or whether you are actually going for a dinner or not. Well, it is wuite difficult and stressful , right?
  2. If  a guy asks you to come over and watch a movie, it is not a date. He needs to try harder! This is really just a bad dream and you should definitely not say yes.
  3. Online dating is in the game. Yeah, everybody has tried online dating and it kind of is a necessity.
  4. People will give you uncomfortable questions once you find yourself in a relationship. Questions like, is he the one? Is he going to propose? Are you getting married soon? Well, it can get exhausting, right?
  5. There are no rules. And it may be upsetting. No one will ask you whether you will be their girlfriend or not. But you will probably know it.

Well, are you looking forward to dating after college? Do not worry, perhaps you will meet “the one” at the college and won´t have to do this at all!