These Are The People You Should Delete From Facebook

If you want to live a happier life, you should start by defriending certain people on Facebook. Or just stop following them. Well, it does not matter, just stop reading the things they write, post or whatever. You will immediately be more happy! Here is a list of people you should delete!

  1. The person who shows off. The one who shares everything. Their feelings, their achievements, their favourie music, their photos, their feelings…
  2. The one who argues. About everything and with everybody. This person simply cannot shut up. Not even for a while.
  3. The one who shares everything from their awesome life. The photos from a fancy holiday, photos of a fancy car, etc. It just makes you sick.
  4. The one who writes something, but does not explain it. They think that everyone will be asking them what has happened, however, that is not what always happens.
  5. The one who keeps inviting you to play some stupid games.
  6. The parent. The one who keeps sharing everything from their life as a parent.
  7. The one who critisizes everything you write.
  8. You boss. Well, just do not let them see what you are posting.
  9. The people you do not really know that well.

Well, are you ready to eliminate some friends?