The Sad Facts About Being A Guy

Have you ever thought about how it actually feels like being a man? Well, it is not easy. Trust me. And you probably know it. Although you may sometimes think that guys have it easier, they actually do not. Just check out these sad facts about being a guy that you probably did not realize before.

  1. When a guy has friends, he does not get to tell them about everything. You see, their friendships are not as emotionally vulnerable as ours. Is it not sad?
  2. They cannot wear feminine colors. Well, they can, but they would be considered weird or homosexual. And that is probably not something they want.
  3. Guys are not allowed to cry. Well, that is just insane, is it not? How can they live without letting the emotions out.
  4. They cannot be experimental when it comes to fashion. They have limited options.
  5. They are always told to man up. Ever since they are little kids.
  6. They cannot really talk to other guys about girls. Yes, they talk about certain things, but no one actually helps them with their feelings.
  7. They are constantly competing over who is the most macho.

Well? Is it not just sad?