The Dirtiest Places

sick small

Getting sick is easier than you think. Is it not? Only going to certain places can cause that you catch a cold or flu. Would you like to know what these places are? Then continue reading and you will surely find out!

  1. The first place where you are most likely to get sick is your office, most importantly, your office desk. Just do not eat in front of your computer and wash your hands before eating. And wipe your keyboard, your phone etc. From time to time.
  2. Public restrooms can be pretty scary too. Especially the sinks. And also, if you are rubbing your hands under hand dryer you can actually increase the number of bacteria on your skin.
  3. The ATM – do not underrestimate this! Always wash your hands after going to the ATM. Also, the cash on its own is full of bacteria. So remember that.
  4. The carts at the grocery stores are pretty disgusting too. Wash you hands after shopping and put your foods into plastic bags, do not put them directly into the cart.
  5. Hotel rooms – they are also full of bacteria. So, be careful whenever you are on a holiday.
  6. The equipment in the gym. Always wash your hands when leaving the gym. Properly!

Just remember, always wahs your hands before eating and avoid putting your fingers near or into your mouth. Then you will be fine.