Lazy Things We Do In The Evening

Here is a list of lazy things that all of us sometimes do at night. However, we never actually want to admit that they happen. But they do and once you read about them, you will knwo that it is true!

  1. The first thing that every woman does is not putting make up off after a party. And going to sleep with mascara on. Which is terrible for your skin, however, sometimes it is absolutely unnecessary.
  2. Sleeping with contacts on. Another huge mistake that can cause serious problems. And another thing we absoltuely do not care about.
  3. Sleeping with jewellery on. Well, this one is dangerous! So, we strongly advice you to take your jewellery off no matter what.
  4. Forgetting to brush your teeth. Well, I guess that we do not have to repeat how important it is to brush your teeth every night.
  5. Sleeping in the clothes you rrived home at. That is just disgusting!
  6. Sleeping in bra. Very, very uncomfortable.
  7. Sleeping with snacks next to yourself.
  8. Going to bed totally hungry.
  9. Leaving the Tv on the whole night.
  10. Not peeing before going to sleep.