Foods That Do Not Let You Sleep

Do you know what the foods you should not be eating before the bedtime are? Well, apart from chocolate, there are some other, perhaps surprising foods, that are messing with your sleep. And the best thing you can do in order to protect your sleep is to stop eating them!

  1. Broccoli and cauliflower are not very good to eat before the bedtime, because they contain insoluble fibre. And it takes your body quite a while to digest it.
  2. Tomato sauce should also not be on your dinner menu because it contains acids that cause heartburn or indigestion. And that is probably not something you want.
  3. Dark chocolate may be a great dessert, but it is definitely not good for your sleep. And why? Well, it contains caffeine.
  4. Charcuterie – contain tyramine, which makes us feel alert.
  5. Red meat – it takes your body forever to digest it and therefore, you should give up on it before the bedtime.
  6. Spicy foods can cause your body temperature to go up. And so you find it more difficult to fall asleep after having a spicy food.