The Worst Things That Guy Can Say On A Date

jennamarbles-280x218Do you know what the worst part is? That these things you are going to discover, are actually real. They really happened! I know, perhaps you will not believe it, but the truth is, that it is…..true. So, for the future, if anyone says something like that, please, just get up and leave. They are not worth dating.

However, not all of the guys are like that, so do not be scared! We just want you to be prepared for everything! So read on and see what the worst things that can happen on a date are:

  1. When a guys tells you that he has to go because he misses his mom. Seriously?
  2. When a guy tells you that he has spent a month in jail because a girl accused him of raping her. There is no reaction that would be explicit enough so that the guy would know how CRAZY it sounds!
  3. When the first thing a guys asks you is whether your boobs are real.
  4. When he assumes that you are a crazy feminist, just because you like your job.
  5. When he quotes Bible.
  6. When he asks you about your ex on the first date.
  7. When he asks you about your sex life on the first date.
  8. When he assumes that your personality will change.
  9. When he starts counting his cash.
  10. When he thinks that he knows best what you want to order for dinner.

Well, some guys are pretty creepy. Don´t you think?