How do muscles grow?


Your muscles don’t actually grow when you go to the gym

Did you know that your muscles don’t actually grow when you go to the gym? Yes, that is true. Your muscles work in ways that a lot of people misunderstand.  Don’t get me wrong. Your gym sessions are great contributors to the development of your muscles. Oftentimes, there are people who do sessions in the gym that take forever to get the fully formed muscles that they want. If you want most results of your gym sessions, then you should know very well how your muscle grows and their growth mechanisms. Your muscles grow when you apply stress that is more than it can usually carry. This is achieved when you lift heavier weights at the gym. This tension causes a biochemical reaction on the muscle. When applying tension on the muscles, the growth factors are activated.

Another growth mechanism

Another growth mechanism of your muscles is when you have muscle damage. You’ll know that you have this when you get the sore feeling after you go to the gym. You get muscle damages in the form of tears on your muscle fibers. Once you have the damage on your muscles, your body releases inflammatory molecules that make the growth factors start working. The third mechanism is the metabolic stress on your muscle. This causes the swelling part. The swelling greatly contributes to the muscle growth. This is the mechanism where your muscles start to thicken and this usually happens after you go to the gym, when your muscles are at rest. When you have metabolic stress, the muscles are enabled togrown new muscle fibers while patching up the muscles that are damaged. When you do your gym sessions regularly, these three mechanisms happen in the same order, and in time, you will have those fully formed muscles that you want. But you have to nourish yourself with a workout recovery drink to make sure that your muscles get the right amount of amino acids and carbohydrates (more information at Drinking a post workout protein shake will maximize your muscle’s growth potential too! Look for the best post workout supplement that has all the nutrition you need. Now that you know how your muscles work, boost it with a workout recovery drink! You will see the desired look in no time, plus you get to lose weight effectively.